Younger Saz’s Blog Attempt

Hello my snazzy darlings!

Today I have something very peculiar and wonderful to show you!

A few years ago, I fancied myself as a bit of a column writer, or maybe just a writer, I have no clue what my weird young self was thinking (I tend to block out that part of my life… XD) Though today after much deliberation I decided that Flick…. Uh I mean… I’m totally not referencing A Bugs Life…..

I actually decided that I would share with you, my rant (As you might like to call it) about my glasses. Now to be truthful. I hate my old glasses, so much so, that I decided to write a song about my wonkey glasses! But enough of that weird part of my life…. heheheheheeh…

My Glasses

Here are my current Glasses! Pretty Cute Huh? (I KNOW RIGHT XD)

Here is the one and only glasses rant! (Be warned, it may not make sense…But it may…)

The thing about Glasses

Ha-ha you know those things that help you see? Well I think we can both agree that they are bloody annoying.

Glasses are a funny name for something that helps you see! It’s like there should be some pint glasses stuck to your eyes! They should call it something like: ‘Looker-Throughers’, I’d defiantly use that word for them, it sounds catchier…

Anyways, one of the most annoying things about them is, you have to bloody clean them, every minute of every day. It seems as though while you’re there in the classroom in school, like; “I’m Learning.. DERP”, And suddenly, you spot a speck of a microorganism on your lenses and its like the world had ended. You cannot ignore that spot, or find the time to get rid of it. Normally while this is happening to me, the teacher chooses this time to ask me a question. The. Exact. Moment. I. Have. My. Glasses. Off… and I’m cleaning them, I’m just like “WHAATTTT?!”

Hmmm…. it’s annoying, but you have to live with it…. That’s life….

Ok picture a lovely beach, no, a lovely villa, with a shared pool, (Ok Not So Nice, But Yeah…)

Ok so imagine you want to go in a pool and you have brought your goggle, because! Heck! You can’t see underwater without them! Bit like having glasses! Anyway, you get in the pool, but you can’t see where you are swimming with your goggles, so you put on your glasses, but the second that stupid person splashes about like a helpless magikarp, you are blind again, thanks to the bloody water, so it’s either, not see, or… well not see….

My old Glasses

And today my lovelies I leave you with the one and only WONKEY GLASSES! (So Famous! :3)

P.s I was asked to add in something by a friend “There just needs to be the word potato in here” – Dino 2015

Oh Happy Day!

So you may be asking yourself, Where has that amazing snazzy saz got to?!

Well the answer to your inner monologue question is, I’ve been on a super secret top mission thingy ma Bob, which involved me discovering and restoring an old wardrobe which in turn led me to a magical place, called Narnia filled with snow, magical creatures and evil beings…. (But that’s just between you and me… Okay?)

And after my long expedition, I had to return to normal life… which is rather drab and I’d much rather stay with Aslan….

When I got back… I had to collect my GCSE results! Oooo such fun!

I will just get to the interesting part… I got into my course for college!!!! I am a future Catering and Hospitality student! Which will probably drain every last drop of my endurance and patience, but hey ho! Im actually very happy to tell you all that I will not have to retake any of my exams! Which means…… I AM FREE FROM HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!

*Insert applause here*  heuhuheuh

So I will be working hard when college starts! Which is something I haven’t done… for  while…. *Cough*

I am also very happy to announce that alot of my friends achieved what they desired for their grades, and they are going to the places that they wanted to! Which is fantastic news! And I would just like to say this message them:

Charlotte, Bridget, Liam, Beth, I am so fantastically proud of you! I know you all worked so blooming hard to get the grades you received! And I would also just like to say thankyou! For putting up with me these past few years! Some of you I have seen regularly and some of you I have not! Though that makes no difference to our friendship! I wish you all the luck in, Sixth form, and for Beth, year 11! And I hope you all achieve everything you want to in the future!

I think today my snazzy people that I will have to leave you! As sims 3 is calling my name softly! The same way a cuppa tea calls me from downstairs at one in the morning :’D


And today I leave you with the reason I wear big jumpers.

Internet Sminternet

So these past few days, my internet has been very bad, so that meant no blog! (OH NO! Don’t cry too much, I know it was heartbreaking)

However in the meantime, while this was going on, I literally had no clue what to do… (Yes, I’m that pathetic). I indulged myself in some light reading of the maze runner, then went on to find out we have no hot water…. which resulted in me savouring the hot water in my works bathroom, when washing my hands… It was a bit strange I know, but you never realise how much you will miss something untill it is actually gone.

Working in a garden centre once a week doesn’t sound very stressful or hard at all, and many of my colleagues would probably say that it was a piece of pie (Or whatever pudding you would like to insert here) and that I just need to get use to it. Though… I would definitely say the opposite! Especially when it gets busy near the “Rush Hours” as I like to call them. It’s stressful, however very rewarding to know that I’ve achieved something in my somewhat boring life! And every week, me and my fuzzy brain feel proud! And also tired… So freaking tired… No… Seriously… Like Sprinting 10K tired, especially with my physical endurance :’D

So long story short, work was eventful, stressful and… err… Funful (Made up word, I know)

I know this was short, and not as funny as you snazzy people would have liked, and for that I’m happy because I think I’m gonna pass out with exhaustion if I write anymore! And with that I bid you farewell and that you all have a refreshing and peaceful nights sleep!


And tonight I leave you with an accurate description of what I do in restaurants 🙂

A Whole New Room

Hello my darlings!

I’m back again, and i’m ready to ramble on about my “Amazing” day!

Waking up at 11, doesn’t exactly leave you much time in the day to complete every task a normal person would do, but today, I decided to multitask!

My first multitasking event was to eat breakfast and lunch together, which involved me eating crisps and marmalade toast. (I know what you are thinking…eww) Though to be honest, it was a rather tasty combo, If I do say so myself! After the whole brunch charade, I decided I would tidy up a bit, at the same time as playing animal crossing new leaf…. Well to be honest, the animal crossing part of that, won me over and I managed to spend an hour and a half collecting shells to sell at a horrifying low price to a very pink sassy llama. Though something good did come out of today I managed to fix my bed! (Well the top half of a bunk bed!) I decided that I would not have the childish wooden slats, barricading me inside my bed any longer! And I took it upon myself to… Well…Take Apart My Bed…

…Which resulted in me, nearly squishing myself to death as the death trap of a bed collapsed on top of me…

Let me just get this one thing clear. My bed is the sawn off half of the top bunk of a wooden bunk bed. And although the thought of a bunk bed collapsing on me is horrifying enough, I do assure you, it wasn’t that bad 🙂

After the renovation was done to my bed, I was able to push it further into the corner of the room, and to be honest with all you snazzy people, It made my room look flooping massive! It also prevents me from foreseeable injuries that would have occurred if I kept on the barriers, as I have a few battle scars from bashing my knees on it, on a midnight fridge raid (You may call me: Lara CroftFridgeraider… no… no.. actually don’t!) I will be off for now! Tah tah!

Me Sliding Down Waterslide At Mimi's And Ollie's

And today my lovelies I leave you a embarrassing picture of young me falling of a waterslide!

Hold The Vintage Red Phone!

HOLD THE VINTAGE RED PHONE EVERYBODY!!! I forgot to type some fascinating things about me! Of course!

Well just like you, I am a human (I hope) And in my fuzzy little brain, I am very normal and the whole of the rest of the world is…. uh…. crazy…Yeah crazy! But from what I’ve been told. I’m on the same crazy scale as Luna Lovegood…However as my brother puts it “Higher up on the crazy scale”. Having that said to me, makes me realise why people call me Suna (Luna and My name) which is understandable.


Apart from being “slightly” un-normal, I like to bake! As you can probably notice already, (unless your attention got lost someplace else, which mine often does) there is a heavily filtered picture of some muffins I made.(Yes Muffins!) Why is it heavily filtered I hear you whispering? (I Have Supersonic Bat Ears…Shhh) Well, it was made for my GCSE Food tech thingy-ma-Bob, so to make it look less like a pile of yellow snow (Never eat the yellow snow) My friend edited it! So nice of them! I really should thank them someday…. :’D

There isn’t much left to type about, apart from the fact that I get entirely engrossed in games and my computer…which isn’t the ideal thing for me. My love for games came about quite a while a go, when I was in primary school. When you were a kid with major anxiety problems, the best thing to do (I thought) was to live many lives through gaming, mostly The sims and it expanded from there. So ever since the “good ole primary school days” I would play games when ever I felt anxious and it would keep me preoccupied for a while!

So that was the more serious section of this wonderfool (Yes, that was an intentional typo) blog, and I think I shall call this a night, and go watch some of the Office US and sip a decaffeinated cuppa tea, Tah for now my chucks!received_10153158586981897 And tonight I leave you with a rabbit cake I baked and decorated for Easter this year :3

Hello Snazzy People!

“If you like, use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it.

Happy blogging!” – Helpful WordPress People That Are Very Nice.

As I have just been told to do, I shall tell you snazzy people why I started this very snazzy blog… (Well, try to anyway!)

I’m a daft young person, who likes nothing better than sitting on her bed, reading and watching tv series one after another, after another. I’m a rather lazy sod, who sleeps untill 11am and wonders where the day has gone. (Just like most teenagers!) And finds it hard to even get out of bed, for fear of what her “eventful” life might throw at her.

I plan to make this blog about me and my terribly “exciting life” as I journey through college and try to make something of myself. In the meantime these blogs will always be written in the evening, ranging from 9pm untill 12pm…So watch out for the delirious 12pm Saz… she can be… Weird…Anyway back to this, I will write posts once every two days, or when ever I can. As I might forget, and leave you lovely people! received_985874408100381And I leave you with Ron Swanson, As he makes my day brighter.